Coding - STEAM Space


We are excited to have our STEAM Space up and going.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. During their time in the STEAM Space, students have various opportunities to learn about different technologies and apps, they are given chances to learn the beginning of coding, and they are given problems that they need to solve. It is wonderful to watch the students work together as they try to figure out how to move the Sphyro ball, how to create a catapult, or how to create a video using an app that is completely new to them.  We usually have seven different stations focused on the different aspects of STEAM. These stations are changed every six or seven weeks, to give the students new problems and technology to figure out.


The following is for students as they come to our STEAM Space 

Click on the following links to start coding:

Dragon Dash

Star Wars coding

Gr 3-5 Games

Other Games